I’m neurodivergent. In my case, autistic, ADHD, Irlen Syndrome with a large dash of Long Covid and other health challenges thrown in for extra spiciness.

Part of having that profile is my love for and ability to navigate complexity – and almost instant boredom if I'm asked to do one thing repetitively (except practising cello scales but that’s another story).

My business life is part of the rich complexity of being Anne.

That's the back story to why I currently trade in three ways. The good news is that I will always direct you towards the most suitable version of me; I don’t expect you to double-guess!

Sometimes people approach me with opportunities that sit within the fuzzy boundaries between the three versions of me. That’s when we can discuss which version of Anne you want. This matters because the version you choose affects insurance, contractual obligations and how your money will be used – which matters (or should!) for your procurement policy, social value profile and corporate social responsibility.


Best known on social media as Welshflier. I’ll do any bits and pieces in my skill set that spark my interest but I don’t take on blocks of work or projects. Think the odd day or hour of work rather than more than four days.

Talk to me if you need to bring on board my lived experience as a co-producer, ally, book reviewer or to hire my brain to help you think through something.

Whatever you pay puts food on the table and a smile on my face. I enjoy helping people succeed and I often have insights or connections that can help you.

My company

Full disclosure, I’m the sole shareholder and I take money as dividend. Despite that, PinkGold arguably creates more public benefit per £ turnover in Wales and globally than most non-profit-distributing organisations I know.* I achieve that through procurement (prioritising people, businesses and enterprises that need a socially-minded client to get established or compete globally/locally), by my employment and outsourcing approach, and through a commitment to making sure at least 10% of profit goes to support change-makers in Northern Uganda.

Work with PinkGold Ltd and you get access to me and a fluid network of associates who I approach on a piece-by-piece basis. Our smallest contract was £60; our largest in our first year of trading was just under £25,000.

Talk to PinkGold for all things qualitative research, public engagement (from consultation to co-creation, from bright idea to completion), and ‘knowledge mobilisation’ (that’s usually academic-speak for getting academic knowledge into use in the world beyond academia; occasionally it means two-way conversations where valuable community information and knowledge informs and enlightens the academic world.)

*We are developing a tool to capture public benefit from procurement, outsourcing, ways of working and use of profit that aligns with the Well-being of Future Generations Act’s wellbeing goals and ways of working. Once we have our first year’s money accounts, we will produce our first social accounts using this tool.


NeuDICE CIC, is a social enterprise founded by three of us across the UK and with a growing community. NeuDICE CIC is where I am one of a team of associates delivering training, workshops, mentoring, consultancy, projects and all things neurodivergent and/or inclusive entrepreneurship.

If you approach me about entrepreneurship, business start-up or personal mentoring/coaching, I’ll direct you to NeuDICE CIC. It may still be me doing most of the work if I’m the best person for the job, but NeuDICE has a wealth of members whose skills complement or overlap mine. NeuDICE relishes the challenge of sitting, listening, and helping you design a project, but we also deliver a few off-the-shelf packages. In NeuDICE style, even the off-the-shelf are individually customised.

By buying from us, your money not only buys excellence. You also support the development of a community of neurodivergent entrepreneurs that focuses as much on people facing immense additional challenges as those most able to operate in the business world.

Take-away message - and a guarantee

So there you have it. When you sound me out, whichever email or contacts you use, here’s the Anne that you will get:

And – as always – my guarantee is that if I know someone who can do it better, I’ll connect you rather than nab the job for myself just for the money. Life is too short to waste your time, my time and your money that way.

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