You've done the work. You've found or created the knowledge and information. 
Now it is time to mobilise it. This means getting it off your shelf and into the hands of people who need what you know, people you want to inform, and people who will take what you know and use it - possibly to change the world.   
Plain language summaries

We make your reports clear. We use plain, everyday language in a style tailored to who you want to read it.

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Designing knowledge mobilisation

Effective knowledge mobilisation requires a strong, carefully considered strategy We can design one with you.

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Briefing papers

Briefing papers address the 'so what?' for your target audiences. This is an great way to get research off the shelf and into use.

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Sometimes we can see a need for knowledge, but it doesn't seem to exist. That's when we need creative and inclusive ways to co-create new knowledge. This could mean research, consultation or public involvement. 
PinkGold Ltd is your go-to organisation for creating knowledge on social, health and disability issues -  provided your priorities are highest quality inclusive methods and creating knowlege for public good.
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